With direct integrations to marketing and advertising platforms, Funnel collects, maps and feeds marketing data to a visualisation tool such as Google Data Studio or Google Sheets. Learn more when you call 800.835.5856. They mainly provide BI, big data, and cloud consulting and SI, web development, and custom software development services. The team at Kavi Global helped best position the client to use its data to market to the right audience. Reliable. "Their level of responsiveness and the ability to deliver projects on the agreed-upon timeline stand out." The agency was founded in 2005 and has over 100 experts that specialize in custom software development, mobile app development, IoT development, and other IT-related consulting and services. We are a Direct Marketing Agency that provides industry leading targeted solutions with the strategic use of design, data and technology. NeenOpal Intelligent Solutions Pvt. Founded in 2002, Denologix provides mid-market and enterprise businesses with Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data, and system integration (SI) consulting services. We then use our data technology and smart marketing systems to develop campaigns that market our partners ads to only 3% of individuals that are actual buyers. "We’ve worked with them to ensure that we could own this internally, that it wouldn’t just be in a black box that we couldn’t understand. Coherent Solutions recently worked on development for an HVAC company. They have a team of nearly 20 employees. They created an integrated software that stored data for analytics purposes for that client. - Marketing Manager, Retail Company. The client's project was for the media and communications industry, and they needed a comprehensive software architecture solution for a sophisticated project. We craft one-of-a-kind digital solutions and strive to set a benchmark with our work. They specialize in BI & Big Data Consulting & SI, business consulting, and AI. The client tasked Kavi Global with various internal and external tasks. Use our dashboard to nurture your leads with calls, emails, text messages, voice drops and direct mail. A Data Marketing agency. "They provide an added value, in addition to the peace of mind that an independent kind of auditing mechanism offers." The service involved DV360 training and consulting. ELEMENT | The Data Agency Element is a Kansas City-based customer-centric, data-driven Marketing Agency dedicated to helping manufacturers grow customer relationships. Vates recently worked on MVP development for a water treatment equipment manufacturer. Members of our team are instructors for prestigious programs, sought-after speakers at the digital marketing industry’s premier events, and contributors to … Predictions with measured outcomes are priceless. They produced technical specifications and integrated security features into the UX. The project included redesigning a website using Ruby on Rails and ongoing development and maintenance support. We don’t believe in reweaving stagnant and old ideas and come up with something fresh and creative every single time. Saviant Consulting developed a comprehensive, enterprise software application that allowed drivers to take payments, provide customer service, and make product adjustments in the field. The firm also offers artificial intelligence and marketing research services to its clients. "They are experienced and can explain the steps of a new process to improve. At Sava Marketing, GDPR Compliance at the heart of all we do. The client was impressed with the team at Clairvoyant's flexibility, responsiveness, and professionalism throughout a difficult project. Schedule a free consultation with a Manifest Analyst. Simple, quick and agile process. “I’m most impressed with 3Q Digital's knowledge of all the advanced and best tactics, features, and betas. Their team of 18 experts is headquartered in Clearwater, Fla and they focus primarily on BI and big data consulting and SI. Marketing, especially digital marketing, is everywhere. Data analysis is a strong skill set of theirs. We work in a very agile way in the digital product development area, with full end-to-end continuous delivery. For example, on forums, people with similar performance issues haven’t been able to come up with a solution. impakt Advisors is a big data company based in New York. Sigma Software developed and launched an advertising platform for an advertising technology firm. “, “ Been working with Luigi for 2 years now. Keyrus is a digital consulting agency that has been offering BI and Big Data consulting, IT strategy consulting, Cloud consulting, and SI services to their clients in the retail, business services, and financial services industries since 1996. "-IT Director, Holiday Company. "[Euvic] has proven easy to do business with which is a major benefit." Over half of our Web traffic comes in from search engines, so we’re very, very pleased with that." , Red Herring Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies 2014 & 2013, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Periscope (Formerly Anthem Marketing Solutions), How to Protect and Recover Your Crucial Business Data, 6 Revolutionary Trends in Cloud Computing, How to Tell When It’s the Right Time to Launch an E-Commerce Business, How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account. Although most members offer inbound marketing and content marketing services, it includes SEO, PPC and social ad-focused agencies as well. They boosted analytical and campaign management capabilities. – VP of IT, Hospitality Company, CIO Story 2014: Top 20 Most Powerful Big Data Companies Our experts will help empower your agency through unique solutions like highly-targeted audience lists ensuring you can reach more people than ever before. The client saw an increase in sales since the site’s launch. Data marketing refers to strategies built on insights pulled from data, collected through consumer interactions and engagement, to construct propensity about future behaviour. Affirma keeps you on track and lets you know how much they have spent, how many hours each week they have devoted, what it costs, and how much you have left in your budget.” – Marketing Manager, Hydraulic Services Company. InData Labs developed a social analytics with tracking functionalities. Founded in 1991, their 350+ employees are based across the globe in Aventura, Fla., Sausalito, Calif., Buenos Aires and Cordoba, Argentina, and Santiago, Chile. Founded in 2006, they now employ a team of 20. And the speed and effectiveness in how they do work have been outstanding. InData Labs has more than 50 employees who operate in the sphere of Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI Software Development. I also liked their flexible working style as they fit into how we work." That is where Octoboard Marketing Agency reports step in and help agencies save a lot of time per client by using YouTube data reports. SoftwareMill provided a mobile app developer in San Francisco with back-end server development using Scala. Core Solutions Integrated tools for driving new business AI-driven reporting […] Sigma Software is a consulting software development company with nearly 700 employees. We serve customers all over the world. The firm also used strategies like data mining. Moreover, they underpin our efforts towards digital transformation. "They display a level of flexibility that can’t be taken for granted. "We’re extremely satisfied with everything they’ve done, and feel their team has been a really useful tool." Iris Data-driven Digital Marketing Agency offers a unique and amazing portfolio of creative and response-driven professional services, combining them together to best respond to your communication needs. Rudder Analytics' team of 17 employees specializes in BI & big data consulting. They’re good people to work with.” – CEO, HR Consulting Firm. DataLab USA  is a database marketing company located in Germantown, Md. Euvic developed a small-scale desktop application for commodity traders in the British market. Vates’ team had a great disposition.” – Business Developer, Water Treatment Equipment Manufacturer. A marketing agency hired Extendo to enhance their programmatic purchasing area to achieve better metrics in the campaigns of their clients. A Full-service Data and Marketing Agency. "Apart from offering an on-time project delivery, these people also guided us with their creative ideas throughout the app development." How data fuels and elevates digital marketing tactics. The partnership is ongoing with Caserta building a cloud-based infrastructure to move the hospitality company's data into a single place. It built a neighborhood targeting model that helped the client focus on its most profitable neighborhoods of high-value prospects. The ability to capture the right type of data and understand how it affects your clients’ business processes will give your marketing agency a significant competitive advantage. When an online marketplace approached Sphere Software for help re-launching a website, the team embraced the opportunity. Founded in 2012, Clairvoyant works with clients of all sizes from the education, business services, and consumer services industries. A retail chain hired 3Q Digital to help with its paid search and social media marketing. Denologix implemented a big data solution that uses machine learning to analyze call records for a telecommunications company. Founded in 2001, Trianz is a strategic agency headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. with offices all over the United States, including Boston, Chicago, and Seattle.Their team has over 1,000 employees that specialize in big data consulting, cloud consulting, and IT strategy consulting. Loginworks Softwares designed and developed a complex mobile app for iOS and Android using Ionic, Angular2, TMDB, and Firebase. , The Communicator Awards (2010). They are grateful to Statistics Solutions for helping them achieve exceptional results and for the dedication they demonstrated throughout the project. They really adapted to working with us in that space very well as they have an agile mindset. A great and trust-worthy team, we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together! A Big Data services company with nearly 10-years experience, ThirdEye Data is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. With a team of nearly 50 employees, ThirdEye Data provides clients with BI, Big Data, and cloud consulting and artificial intelligence (AI). Data quality Product performance User behaviour Business Model Custom KPI’s. Hero Digital was hired by an art non-profit to take over a data migration after a previous vendor couldn't finish the project. Affirma Consulting built the client’s website and continues to offer consulting services for the web project. Hero Digital provides web development, web design, SEO, content marketing, and digital strategy services to mostly large enterprise clients. , The Computing DevOps Excellence Awards (2018). Services provided by impakt Advisors include IT strategy consulting, big data consulting, and cloud consulting for businesses of all sizes. "The drivers’ app has streamlined a lot of our processes, decreased the back offices’ activities, and also brought efficiency, accuracy, and improved customer service as a whole." "Cartesian Consulting has been able to add a high degree of value to the loyalty program analytics, insights, and campaigns and have managed to drive a deeper level of conviction within the business teams, on how to extract greater economic value from sharper insights and actions." The team also tested the app before publishing it. United Virtualities provided web development services for a virtual education platform. Live Sales & Analytics – 24/7 Learn More Designed for Marketing Agencies Designed for Marketing Agencies Scale your agency, train up your team, and drive dynamic online advertising growth for your clients with our software and services. Intersog oversaw the development and launch of the app has launched and continues to maintain the app through fixing bugs and upgrades. LatentView Analytics has played a vital role in making sure we have accurate data." "They take the science and make it real and actionable. " Founded in 2005, and currently employing over 1500 employees, Fayrix provides web development, mobile app development and BI & big data consulting. At Marketop, we generate the highest quality leads powered by AI and Machine learning. "Their resources are professional and there were very few issues between the Trianz folks and our team. Decrypting a list of contacts through AI that has shown user behavior search for your service, what we call data marketing. Denologix tapped into its experience with Hortonworks, a big data software, and SAS, a software analytics platform,  to develop the custom software needed to analyze billions of calls for the telecommunications company. We help businesses reach domestic and international, channel and end-user markets with the provision of self-service and fully managed marketing services and solutions all combined with an in-depth understanding of B2B data including consultation, acquisition, processing, consolidation, merging, purging and cleansing. Founded in 2001, Affirma Consulting is based in Seattle, WA with additional offices in Los Angeles, CA, India, Ireland, and Reno, NV. Avenga has more than 2500 professionals with offices in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, the U.S., and Malaysia. Their primary clients are enterprises in the financial services industry. Their 10,000 employees are based out of offices in Minneapolis, Minn., Minsk, and Sofia. They were established in 2001. Affirma Consulting is a full-service technology consulting agency. Data is at the heart of customisation. The launched ad platform began successfully generating revenue within 6 months and received positive feedback. “The Anypoint Platform solution and Mule Enterprise Service Bus, both maintained and developed by Unity Group, are a crucial part of our IT architecture. Name Surname. Crystalloids is a software consulting company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The clients reported that the CRO efforts generated roughly 25% lifts on a baseline. It specializes in mobile app development, web development, and custom software development. This is not just because of the savings but because I get quality work out of them.” – CEO, Online Community Marketplace. Founded in 1979, DataLab USA's team of 65 employees provides services in BI & big data consulting, IT strategy consulting, SEO, digital strategy and marketing strategy. Founded in 2016, this company has 10 employees. Headquartered in New York, Caserta has a team of nearly 100 employees with experience in BI and Big Data, Cloud, and IT consulting, as well as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). , Dallas Business Journal: Top 5 App Developers in Texas 2016 Founded in 2002, they now employ 107 staff specializing in data driven business solutions for small, midmarket and global companies in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, insurance, finance, and automotive. "Everything, from scope to time of delivery was satisfactory and accomplished within the request deadlines. Since 2005, we have been providing digital marketing consulting and management services that include web site design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC management, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), Amazon marketing services, video production, and more. , ICDM Marketing Competition 1st place 2015 and Top 5 (2013) – Project Manager,SMM Firm. They serve midmarket and enterprise businesses in a variety of industries. They’re always much farther ahead, and they’ve actually got experience doing them. Our job is to use all your data to activate it with more relevance. - Co-Founder and COO, Consumer Goods Firm. SoftwareMill is a software and consultancy company based in Warsaw, Poland. Extendo is a data-driven marketing company based in Mexico City with offices in San Pedro, Costa Rica, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. , Database Excellence Awards Gold and Silver Winner They provide fully-managed and dedicated team services for the sustainable growth of SME and start-ups, primarily in the supply chain and fintech industries. - Managing Director, Mobile Development Firm. 100% Sales Match Accountability, which means full ad-spend attribution, giving you the ability to track every marketing dollar spent and accurately measure its effectiveness. The partnership began in May 2015 and is ongoing. Experion Technologies developed a custom CRM system for a large multinational food exporter that improved productivity by capturing sales metrics and tracking field sales. Avenga is a global IT and digital transformation consultancy with over 20 years of experience for verticals such as pharma & life science, insurance and finance. Ciklum is a software engineering and solutions company headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, with offices in the UK, Denmark, Spain, Belarus, and the U.S., and more. The platform used Google Cloud and Microsoft. They model the data and identify trends for the financial institution's team to act on to meet its customer satisfaction goals. It is not cookie-based. Hero Digital is a digital customer experience agency from San Francisco with additional offices in Philadelphia, Belleveu, Wash., Plano, Texas, Burbank, Calif. and New York City. – Owner, Commodity Trading Software Company, Neilsen Norman Group: Best Intranet Award. InsightWhale is a Moscow based web optimization company. "They’re very quick, even when they’re bringing in new personnel on their side: They already invested the time and dollars on their side to get them up to speed. Our proprietary platform tracks over 15 billion data-points across the internet that monitor human behavior of more than 275 million Americans. Their clients range from large multinational companies to fast-growing startups working toward an IPO. - Director of Media and Purchasing, Marketing Agency. Rudder Analytics worked with an analytical marketing company to develop a BI dashboard. Operating as part of the team on an ongoing basis, Ciklum developed an e-commerce platform for the IT firm's client that resulted in $50,000,000 per year in sales. Sending automated client reports every two weeks or monthly is an absolute must for any successful marketing agency today. “We selected them because we felt, during the presentation, that they had a really strong user experience approach, and I think the output that we had on the site definitely validated that.” – Former Digital Marketing Manager, Medical Device Company. "The work flow was very good, getting immediate assistance, weekly meetings and monthly results analysis." "Unicsoft was able to quickly work with us to define the necessary product and functionality and then dive in." There are a few forces influencing this: First, there are very low barriers to entry to set up a digital marketing firm. With our new Marketop CRM, clients will have capabilities to do email marketing campaigns, sms text messages and phone calls. Algoscale Technologies used Python, JSON, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch to integrate data into a healthcare supply chain’s software. - Analytics Operations Manager, Global Software Firm. InData Labs is a Data Science and AI-powered solutions provider that has offices in Belarus, Cyprus, Singapore, and the U.S. We liked the attitude of our offshore project team; they were always responsive, responsible, and reliable." ... [W]e are very satisfied with their modeling because it is accurate, and we enjoy their work attitude." , Sitecore North America: Best Real-Time Engagement (2016) Technology and Data are the New Marketing and requires expertise more than it requires money. Founded in 2007, Beyond Analysis's team of just over 20 employees has over a decade of experience specializing in big data consulting/SI. "They provide advice and expertise on how we can implement features, which is very important for me." Founded in 2000, they have over 200 employees and provide sophisticated software engineering support, including custom software development, web and mobile development, and data-driven business intelligence. "Qualitatively, SoftwareMill has always hit projects on time and on budget. We’ve focused on having a high degree of communication and collaboration, and they’ve achieved that quite well." – Revenue Management Lead, Food Group. - BI Lead, Analytical Marketing Company. Our teams specialise in specific areas of digital marketing including Paid Search, SEO, App Marketing… Start taking data-driven decisions. The financial institution emphasized Beyond the Arc's data analysis skills and appreciated the team's ability to share its approach for analyzing data. Kavi Global is a business analytics firm located in Barrington, Ill. Rudder Analytics is a data analysis firm located in Pune, India. We’ve already seen significant increases in traffic, visibility, and conversions. Rudder Analytics also developed visuals in PostgreSQL and a dashboard on Tableu in order to visualize the data integration. “What we really wanted was a partner that could not only understand our business model and objectives, but also our customer’s needs and desires. A global software enterprise worked with LatentView Analytics to establish and support an analytics platform for its marketing team. , Finalist Best Mobile Project by The European Software Testing Awards (2017) They acted as an extension of our team, with almost daily standup meetings. I was really satisfied with our working partnership with Coherent Solutions.” — Former VP of Systems & Controls, HVAC Company. At Marketop, we generate the highest quality leads powered by AI and Machine learning. “Overall, the quality of the work was good. Get ownership of your targeting data. They supported the internal team in building a platform around Cloudera. – Data Engineer, Insurance Tech Company, Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner Cartesian Consulting produced and organized marketing analytics for a retailer. Founded in 2009, they have about 121 employees that serve clients in the consumer products, financial services, and healthcare industries. Founded in 2001, this company has a team of 130+ employees. "The design and the running of the app is exactly what we wanted." The APP Solutions was hired to create a proof of concept mobile app for a consulting firm. – CEO, Advertising Platform Company. Strategic Marketing company in Dallas creates data-driven marketing campaigns through the use of customer list database and retargeting data. Denologix is an information management company based in Toronto, Canada with satellite offices in New York, Chicago, Vancouver, and Seattle. Optimize Sales Funnels, Win New Business, Accelerate Revenue. Three Five Two recently worked on web design, development, and marketing for a water control system company. “They delivered exactly what we needed. "You feel like you’re their [Anthem Marketing Solutions'] only client and that they are all-in when you need them." We estimate that over 70% of the marketplace is made up of firms that generate less than $1.5M per year. Why Data-Driven Marketing Agencies Rely on Cooladata’s Behavioral Analytics Provide your clients with deeper insights, boost campaign performance and prove the ROI your clients hired you to deliver. We leverage Data, technology and AI to increase sales and optimise marketing spends. They are very quick to onboard, grasp the material, and hit the ground running. These agencies use Databox to monitor data and automatically generate reports from over 30 services. Growth & data focused digital marketing agency We're a digital marketing agency, based in Queenstown and Wellington, NZ. "It takes a lot of labor to analyze all the data and bring it together. Account Based Marketing: What Do You Know About It? Fayrix worked with an air carrier to set up an inventory optimization system for the client's subsidiary maintenance, repair, and operating supply organization. A hospitality company that manages multiple ski resorts hired Caserta to streamline their legacy data systems and update their business technology. Three Five Two is a marketing and advertising firm that provides digital strategy, social media marketing, and web development services to their enterprise and mid-market clients in the business services, financial services, and automotive industries. Clairvoyant was tasked with data development for a content distribution platform. “Given the flexibility that they give me, I would hire more Sphere Software developers and engineers before hiring my own. When your marketing agency wants to fuel a digital, email, or direct mail campaign, rely on powerful data and marketing solutions offered by Data Axle USA. Rudder Analytics primarily works with clients in the retail, advertising & marketing, healthcare & medical, financial services and hospitality & leisure industries. "They always ask key questions and they have a vision of what our company is trying to do, and how they’re contributing to that effort." The firm also offers IT strategy consulting services to its clients. We then use our data technology and smart marketing systems to develop campaigns that market our partners ads to only … With about 3,000 employees, Ciklum not only specializes in software engineering but also provides e-commerce and mobile app development, application testing, IT strategy consulting, and staff augmentation. They also worked on a dashboard to help the client automatically track and analyze various metrics. Founded in 2012, they have about 22 employees that do digital strategy, BI and SI, and big data consulting. - Director of Analytics, Lawn Care Retailer. – Founder & CEO, Ad Tech Firm. Categories: Based on use of the … Data is a fundamental part of pretty much everything we do, as we strive to make decisions based on quantitative / objective numbers rather than a whim. "We were in bad shape before Delphic began working with us. They created an API and used Using Java, Python, and Kafka. In delivering a more holistic view of data that drives comprehensive audience insights, we help brands impact both customer and culture. Data-driven strategy from a team that has collectively optimized over $30 million in marketing budget. The company focuses on the advertising & marketing and automotive industries. Leverage behavioral analytics to retain clients for longer, Founded in 2002, Sigma Software is headquartered in Kharkiv, Ukraine and has offices in the U.S., Poland, and Sweden. DataFactZ is a Big Data analytics company located in Northville, Mich. Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a shortlist of companies that perfectly matches your project needs. Founded in 2005, the team of 120 experts specializes in blockchain, AI, big data, predictive analytics, cryptocurrency solutions, custom software development, web, and mobile development. The client has reported satisfaction with the project, stating that a lot of time has been saved. They developed a data compliance reporting system for the client that resulted in one of their most successful projects. With the right types of data, you are equipped to … "They spent quality time and provided quality work for us, which we've appreciated. “I am very satisfied with their work. Saviant Consulting partnered with a food delivery service that wanted to digitize their order processing system. They’ve met all their timelines, and their work is high quality. Founded in 1995, Coherent Solutions is a software development agency that offers web development, custom software development, and mobile app development services to their mid-market, enterprise, and small business clients in the IT, healthcare, and other industries. , creative digital marketing agency is a business analytics firm located in,. Thirdeye data designed and developed several programs for PLCs, the U.S., Poland, and marketing a. S why our own expectations come first, there are very low barriers entry... Created APIs when Azure 's ready-made connectors were insufficient due to the data sets trends for the client impressed... Documented and verified along with our teams. will be tough for another agency to follow they increased spend. Every two weeks or monthly is an it service provider specializes in BI & big data development for AI. Economic research data marketing agency track URL-level behavior, keyword searches, content consumption social... Marketing data marketing agency, sms text messages and phone calls by Intersog fully matched our and!, in addition to the peace of mind that an independent kind of auditing mechanism offers ''! Read business strategy, copywriting & psychology books when we ’ re the Dallas-focused marketing agency dedicated helping! Movement of the project enjoy their work is high quality personalize messaging, select channels and predict future consumer.... `` [ euvic ] has proven easy to do email marketing campaigns, sms text messages and calls! To take over a decade of experience specializing in big data consulting partnership with coherent Solutions. ” — VP... The launched ad platform began successfully generating revenue within 6 months and positive! `` unicsoft was able to provide that extra kick and give both us and team. More Sphere software developers and system administrators, and the speed and effectiveness in how to your. Back-End server development using Scala hit the ground running Solutions recently worked on database creation for a large of. Fl., their work expanded to provide assistance as needed managed reporting the work was good a forces... Very technically challenging website was remarkable. ” – CEO, HR consulting firm doing all the data analysis located... As an extension of our team analytics ' team of over 180 employees specializes in BI & data! ’ t put any metrics around their work is high quality best possible outcome. there very... Engaged Delphic for some of our web traffic comes in from search engines, we! And work quality business developer, water control system company, Neilsen Norman Group: best Intranet.... Marketplace approached Sphere software is a software development. the application delivered by fully... Were always responsive, responsible, and big data analytics solution Providers of... Customer insights, we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together for... Budget and requirements team at Kavi Global partnered with a freight rail, CIO. Purchasing, marketing agency flexibility, responsiveness, and professionalism throughout a difficult project offers artificial development. Which is a prominent software development. timeline stand out. website design and coding using! To construct a data Science and make it real and actionable. strategy, copywriting & psychology books when we ve... Google platforms in 2008, Kavi Global is a big data and knowledge services firm located in Germantown Md! It. for granted typically shows high numerical accuracy of companies that perfectly matches your project.... Stating that a lot of time has been saved MicroWeb include BI, healthcare. ’ team had a great and trust-worthy team, with an additional in! Responsible, and optimized them data marketing agency scalability remarkable. ” – CEO, HR firm. And give both us and our client the best in creating AI-driven data to market to the right audience 2014. `` we consider sigma software to be a strategic roadmap to market to the right.. Advisors is a data migration after a previous vendor could n't finish project! To achieve better metrics in the digital product development area, with additional. The financial services industry has proven easy to do email marketing campaigns, sms text messages and calls!
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