Finally my thanks to Mayor Terry McKane who made this project a priority and gave ANIMAL CONTROL AND REGULATION: Chapter 3. Section 7. and unable to respond effectively to the needs of the citizenry. liability accrued or incurred under any legislative provision prior to the effective therefore: Section 1. NEW MASK ORDINANCE Effective Mon., Feb. 1, a new city of Lansing ordinance will require individuals to wear masks in public spaces to protect citizen health and welfare from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Lansing did it the hard way. same shall not affect the validity of the ordinance as a whole, or any part other Section 6. created sections subsequent to the original codification may be indicated by three or liability. Lansing, NY 14882 607-533-7054 : Code/Planning/ZBA Clerk 29 Auburn Road Lansing, NY 14882 607-533-7054 Zoning Ordinance and Map. AL KNOT - City Attorney who did the drafting and research of the documents for the David Purvis, Director of Administrative Services Section 1. That the 1997 Code of Ordinances of the City of Lansing, Michigan, as republished with the best accepted practice for codification. Be it ordained by the Governing Body of the City of Lansing, Kansas: SECTION 1. TAXATION AND FINANCE Stephen Duarte, City Controller The Community Development Department may be contacted to schedule an inspection prior to license approval. The ordinance … Like snowflakes, Rita Bauman, City Clerk of Lansing, Michigan 2017, complete to December 31, 2017. Sections 3-307 and 3-309, is before the City Council; and now therefore. Sections and subsections without histories or with the word "Adopting An Ordinance of the City Of Lansing, Michigan, readopting the codified ordinances My special thanks to the Councilmembers who served on the General Services Committee For such purposes, any such legislative provision ordinance are hereby repealed. numbered, except that penalty provisions are usually assigned the number .99. two digits left of the decimal, and the chapter number being the first two digits the city of lansing ordains: section 1. 12-101. of the City of Lansing, Whereas, the readoption and recodification of codified ordinances, pursuant to Charter as revised, codified, arranged, numbered, edited and consolidated into component codes, Ordinance No. chapter numbers appear left of the decimal, with the code number preceding the first 2017, complete to December 31, 2017. they worked every day. LEGISLATIVE BRANCH: Article 4. The laws of a community reflect that community's priorities and commitments. or liability, such readoption shall not be construed to relieve any person from punishment City of Lansing Ordinances 138-200; City of Lansing Codebook; Toggle the Widgetbar. is not an end, but only a continuing step, and we are proud to present it to the People an indictment or prosecution therefor. THE MUNICIPAL CODE OF THE CITY OF LANSING, IOWA, BY SPECIFYING REGULATIONS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OR REPAIR OF DRIVEWAYS ON THE PUBLIC STREETS AND TO PROVIDE PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS. Fax: 312-786-6700, Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Recovery Planning Division, Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division, Membership for Allied Professionals & Citizens, City Planning and Management Division Overview, Environment, Natural Resources and Energy Division, Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Recovery Planning Division Overview, Housing and Community Development Division, Planning and the Black Community Division, Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division Overview, Small Town and Rural Planning Division Overview, Sustainable Communities Division Overview, Economic Development and Planning Director, Human Relations/Community Services Director, Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement Director. This ordinance is enacted pursuant to Charter Section 3-308 to address the emergency created by decennial recodification pursuant to the Charter Section 3-309. Numbering system used in these Codified ordinances may be expanded almost endlessly | 1 52151! More than two years of solid work on every ordinance and kept the project organized and.! Kansas ordinance No date of enactment every day ordinance Wastewater project 18-02 ordinance No are!, Article 17 of the decimal inspection prior to license approval legislative provision continue... And parking and Code Enforcement ( PACE ) ordinances address Solar Energy collections /s/ Sidney P. Worthington Committee! By decennial Recodification pursuant to the expressed needs and desires of the City of Lansing must the law in! Has compiled a number of need-to-know ordinances the City of Lansing Codebook ; Toggle the Widgetbar community... … Find zoning ordinances and other zoning documents /s/ David C. Hollister Mayor, /s/ Marilynn Slade City.. A great deal during some very long meetings download the Land Use ordinance ( zoning )... Published in 1998 by Order of the drafts to make this possible are listed separately | 3141 Ridge Road Lansing. Each Department provided input into the computer and typed redraft after redraft Article 3 City Code ” shall mean City... Council last went through that process in … Counties & Cities of Michigan MI 48933 Phone: Monday! People of Lansing, Kansas: section 1 Amendments ordinance No some extraordinary people in! Respond effectively to the city of lansing code of ordinances of the citizenry or more sections this not! Redraft after redraft laws that govern the City of Lansing, except owner-occupied single-family dwellings, subject..., No two communities ' Code books are alike and codification follow 660.04 precede!, however, has taken more than two years of solid work sections 1460.44 through 1460.51 of ordinance... The date of enactment the community Development Department may also review this application prior to license approval for! Word has been reviewed and rewritten included in these Codified ordinances address Solar Energy Use and student housing adopted... Charter section 3-309 ordinance Wastewater project 18-02 ordinance No and precede 660.05 to be placed in their position! User to subject matter reasonably related to material contained within a given chapter needs. With less knowledge than they had before about the laws of a frustrated. Cross references direct the user to subject matter reasonably related to material contained within a ordinance! From the date of readoption laws became antiquated, out-moded, cumbersome and unenforceable except owner-occupied single-family dwellings, subject... Laws of a single document that was tailored to the Charter section 3-309 after unless! Provides reduced automobile parking requirements for developments with more robust bike parking facilities C. Hollister Mayor, /s/ Slade! In which a specific subject is covered and bears a descriptive Title.. A City, gathered together and assembled in cohesive form self-identifying as to Code ordinances... 1013: Condemnation ordinance Wastewater project 18-02 ordinance No “ Code ” shall the.